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Former Steelworker receives Compensation for Hearing Loss

A former steelworker has received a compensation payout after suffering from hearing loss due to work conditions.

Kenneth Clarkson worked at two different South Yorkshire companies between 1956 and 1999. He was exposed to loud noise from cranes and fork-lift trucks whilst working at JJ Habershon and Sons. He was also exposed to loud noise levels from machinery whilst at work for Tata Steel.

Mr Clarkson was never provided with personal protective equipment to protect his hearing from the effects of noise exposure. He was also never warned about the possibility of noise induced hearing loss.

The Star reports that the exposure to noise whilst at work has left Mr Clarkson with permanent hearing damage. This means that he will require the use of a hearing aid for the rest of his life.

The paper reports that he has now received £4,710 compensation for his hearing loss. This money will help to cover the cost of the hearing aids that Mr Clarkson needs.

He tells the paper that the background noise in the steelworks was very loud but was easy to get used to. He states that he was unaware of the lasting damage this background noise could have on his hearing.

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