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Former Steelworker wins Compensation for Hearing Loss

An ex-steelworker from South Yorkshire has been awarded almost £5,000 in compensation, after noise exposure at work left him partially deaf.

Seventy nine year old Kenneth Clarkson, from Rotherham, has been left with permanent damage to his hearing and will have to wear a hearing aid for the rest of his life, after being exposed to excessive noise levels, while working at two different South Yorkshire steel mills.

He told the Star newspaper that the heavy machinery, steel rollers and furnaces at both JJ Habershon and Sons and at Tata Steel, where he spent most of his working career, produced a lot of noise but he was never offered any hearing protection by his employers.

After seeking legal advice Mr. Clarkson launched a claim for industrial deafness compensation, against the two companies and was awarded £4,710 in damages, which will help pay for his hearing aids and other adjustments he has been forced to make, due to his hearing problems.

A spokesperson from his legal team stated that cases like this highlighted the need for adequate health and safety measures, adding that employers had a duty of care to their workers, which included providing adequate protective equipment, when required.

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