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Former Workers of a Lancashire Paper Mill Set for Work Injury Compensation Claim for Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Former Paper Mill workers in Lancashire are to set to bring a work injury compensation claim against their former employer’s insurance company. Hundreds of former workers could be suffering noise induced hearing loss due to the constant noise of the heavy machinery at work. So far, nine of the mills former workers are seeking advice from industrial injury solicitors about their situation.

The East Lancashire Paper Mill shut down in 2001 putting 200 employees out of work. The Mill had been open for 139 years and had employed thousands of people over that time. It is reported that they only introduced hearing protection measures for its workers in the last eight to ten years of operation. Employers are required to provide ear protection by law to protect the hearing of its employees.

One former Paper Mill worker is Albert Isherwood from Whitefield. The 72 year old worked in the Mill from 1954 until his retirement. After spending nearly every working day “exposed to the sound of massive machinery”, he was diagnosed by a GP recently with noise induced hearing loss. He now finds it difficult to distinguish between voices in conversations. He is typical of former employees seeking work injury compensation for his injuries.

It is a common misbelieve that if a company has gone bust then it is impossible to bring a claim against them. In cases like these though, claims can still be made as it is the company’s former insurance company who pay any compensation due to former employees.

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