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Four Women Win Compensation Claims for years of Care Home Abuse

Four women have won compensation claims after suffering years of abuse in a care home.

The women all spent a significant period of time at Newfield House care home in Foleshill, Coventry. They all suffered abuse at the hands of the then manager of the home, Kevin Donaldson, during the 1970s and 80s. Mr Donaldson is currently serving a 15 year prison sentence after being successfully convicted of two rapes and nine indecent assaults of girls who were residents of the care home. He is currently appealing that decision.

The four women sued Coventry City Council for compensation as the Council ran the home. They claimed to have suffered negligence in the levels of care they received, that made it possible for Donaldson to commit his abuse.

One of the claimants remembers how the girls were punished if they had done something wrong at the home. Their clothes were confiscated, and they were forced to walk around with just a sheet wrapped around them.

The women received an out of court settlement from Zurich insurance, who were the insurers of Coventry City Council. Although the exact figure has not been released, it is thought to be in the region of £73,000. A fifth woman had her claim rejected, but is appealing that decision.

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