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Fraudulent accident at work compensation claims increase in North-West

The numbers of fraudulent accident at work compensation claims in Bolton have been increasing rapidly over recent months.

Organised groups are now said to be targeting employers by taking jobs and then staging accidents in order to make compensation claims against them.

Insurers are warning employers to look out for criminal activity from the gangs, who have moved on to targeting workplaces following a number of staged car accidents.

However, since the prosecution of Mohammed Patel, who was jailed for staging a number of road traffic accidents to help people make insurance and compensation claims, the fraudsters have had to move on to other means.

Mr Patel was sent to four-and-a-half years in prison after staging 90 road traffic accidents in the Manchester/Stockport areas, charging his ‘clients’ around £500 a time.

It’s believed that accident at work fraudsters are targeting higher-risk workplaces such as building sites and other industry work.

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