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G20 Protesters Start Compensation Claim

A group of G20 protesters have launched a compensation claim against Scotland Yard after it dropped all charges against them. The protesters drove a blue armoured vehicle around London on April fool’s Day last year as part of anti-capitalist marches. While driving the vehicle, the protesters were wearing replica riot police helmets and were subsequently arrested on charges of impersonating police officers.

After all charges against them were recently dropped, they released a statement lambasting their arrest and attempted prosecution. They called the actions of the police a “waste of taxpayers’ money,” and pointed out their long history of dressing up and parodying authority figures in their protests against the system. The police handling of all protesters during these anti-capitalist marches has become notoriously controversial for its heavy-handedness.

The eleven group members have now instructed solicitors to claim compensation from Scotland Yard as the police allegedly still have their seized vehicle and equipment.

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