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Gardener Sues Baroness by Claiming Power Tools caused Deafness

A gardener is suing a Baroness, arguing that the noise of power tools has caused him to go deaf.

Clifford Sayers worked for Baroness Chelwood and her late husband (former MP) Tufton Beamish on the 200 acre estate in East Sussex. He started employment with the couple in 1981, working up until 2000.

During his employment, he claims that he regularly had to use loud power tools such as chain saws, lawnmowers and strimmers. He claims that this prolonged exposure to loud noise has left him with tinnitus and a 45% reduction in his hearing capacity.

Now, the Telegraph reports that Mr Sayers is in a legal battle, seeking compensation for hearing loss. The Court of Appeal in London has just heard that his reduced hearing means that he struggles to hear the television and hold conversations with his wife. He is said to be seeking £25,000 in compensation.

It was also heard in court that Mr Sayers complained to Lady Chelwood about ringing in his ears, only to be allegedly rebuffed and told she would get similar symptoms when loading guns.

The case is at the Appeal Court as Mr Sayers case was ruled by a county court judge to be past the time limits set for claiming. However, his legal team are arguing that he did not realise he had a case until years after leaving Lady Chelwood’s employment.

A decision on the appeal will be made at a later date.

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