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Gastric Bypass Patient Sues Hospital for Negligence because He Can’t Eat

A man who underwent a gastric bypass operation is now suing the hospital in question for medical negligence after becoming unable to eat.

Tim Daily weighed 24 stone when he decided to undergo the dramatic surgical procedure in October 2008. He underwent the procedure at Charing Cross Hospital but claims he was not fully warned about the dangers and possible complications of surgery.

Although Mr Daily’s weight has now halved to 12 stone, it has come at a considerable price. He is now unable to eat solid food and as a result has to be fed through a tube directly into his stomach. He also suffers severe pain, so strong that he requires the use of morphine to be able to deal with it.

Now the BBC is reporting that Mr Daily is suing Imperial College Hospital Trust for compensation. The case revolves around whether he was warned about the dangers of the operation or not. The Trust itself states that all weight loss surgery patients are told that in 5% of cases there are complications after surgery. Mr Daily however states that he was only told of the positive aspects of the procedure. The case will be decided some time in the future.

Gastric band surgery has seen a dramatic rise in popularity in the last few years, with several high profile cases boosting knowledge of the procedure. The NHS reports that over 4000 gastric bypass operations are performed a year. The surgery usually works by shrinking the size of the stomach considerably with a plastic band.

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