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Girl awarded just £19,000 Criminal Injuries Compensation for brutal knife attack

A girl who was stabbed 23 times all over her body and face has been awarded just £19,000 in criminal injuries compensation.

The award from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) has been branded “a joke” by her mother, who claims that she would have got more for “falling and banging her head on a pavement.”

In a completely unprovoked attack, Jessica Knight, 16, who was 14 at the time, was repeatedly stabbed by French national Kristofer Beddar, and then left for dead with on the footpath.

Suffering with severe injuries, she suffered a stroke, fell into a coma and had to have lifesaving surgery. Multiple blood clots had formed and were moments away from causing another stroke which would likely have killed her.

Other injuries she sustained included a perforated upper and lower bowel, a collapsed lung and stab wounds on her face, neck, chest and back. One wound cut through muscle in her eye and has caused double vision which is likely to remain with her into the future.

The tax-payer funded Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority can award anything up to £250,000 for an attack. This is the main reason why Jessica Knight’s mother Jill Walmsley believes the money just isn’t enough for what she’s gone through.

Mrs Walmsley said: “We just want to get Jess what she deserves. Money won’t change what happened to Jess, but it could help.

“We don’t know what the future holds yet – whether she’ll be able to work full-time or even drive, because of the effects of the injuries. Jessica is going to need this money and this is why we have to appeal.”

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