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Girl dies after suffering personal injuries in freak road accident

A teenage girl was killed when a boat attached to an oncoming car detached itself and went through their windscreen.

The boat was being towed by a millionaire businessman who had attended a boating competition in Shropshire. However, his failure to attach it to his car properly caused it to come lose – with the mast going straight through the windscreen of the oncoming vehicle.

Sarah James, the passenger in the car sustained heavy personal injuries and died as a result. It is said that the mast struck her head ‘like a lance in a medieval joust’ after coming through the windscreen at speed.

She was airlifted to hospital after suffering personal injuries to her neck and face, but died the next day.

The boat owner, Mark Tissiman has been accused of causing death by dangerous driving after failing to secure his boat appropriately to his Range Rover Sport vehicle despite being an experienced sailor. He has so far denied responsibility.

Miss James, along with her friend Duncan Smith who was driving at the time, had been travelling home after a trip to the cinema when the accident happened.

Mr Smith, 19, said: “I thought we’d been hit by a brick or bat. I had a mouthful of broken glass.”

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