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Girl Struck by Motorist on a Country Road seeks Millions in Compensation

A girl, who suffered life-changing injuries when she was struck by a motorist on a country road, is reported to be seeking millions in compensation.

Bethany Robert was walking alongside a road near to the village of Silverstone when the accident happened in December 2009. Driver Paul Moore was travelling along the road in his Saab car when he struck Bethany, who was just a 13 year old schoolgirl at the time.

When she was struck by the vehicle, Bethany was thrown into the hedgerow. She had suffered serious injury, and Mr Moore stopped to help her. As well as suffering a broken collarbone and damage to her lungs, she suffered a head injury that has left her with cognitive impairment.

The Northampton Chronicle is reporting that she is now seeking compensation. A judge at the High Court in London has just ruled that Mr Moore is 100% liable for the incident.

The judge stated that Mr Moore should have been aware that pedestrians could be on the road, as he had travelled along it twice daily for the last 15 years on his commute to work.

The amount of compensation awarded to Miss Probert will be decided at a later hearing unless the two sides can agree out of court before then. The settlement is likely to run into millions of pounds due to the severity of her injuries and the effect they will have on her in the future.

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