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Girl Wins £5.6m Compensation with the Help of a Medical Negligence Claims Solicitor

The NHS has paid out £5.6m in compensation to a girl who suffered brain damage at birth after the intervention of a medical negligence claims solicitor. Alice Joyce was starved of oxygen during her delivery in 1996. The High Court ruled that her mother, Carolyn Joyce was not given the full information about the risks of her labour. This was Ms Joyce’s second delivery, and after having her first child by caesarean section she was not warned of the risk of rupturing the womb if she had her second child Alice by natural delivery. Unfortunately Ms Joyce did suffer a haemorrhage during labour and because of the fact she had to be resuscitated, Alice suffered a lack of oxygen to the brain for a significant period of time.

Alice suffered severe brain damage and has been diagnosed with delayed mental development and spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. She requires round the clock care and will continue to do so for the rest of her life. The NHS Trust on behalf of the Wycombe General Hospital admitted liability and medical negligence for the case, offering its “sincere apologies”, and promising to learn from the mistakes. The compensation awarded will provide Alice – who was described as a “happy and sociable girl” –with the attention she needs for the rest of her life. It was broken down in to a lump sum payment of over £2m with annual payments provided for her care.

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