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Girl Wins Multi Million Pound Birth Injury Compensation Claim

An eleven year old girl has been awarded a multi million pound compensation package, after being starved of oxygen during her delivery.

The young girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, suffered severe brain damage after staff at the West Suffolk Hospital failed to spot she was suffering foetal distress in the womb.

The High Court was told that the girl’s injuries had left her unable to walk or talk but she can communicate with the help of a voice synthesiser and her iPad and is able to get around in a specialised motorised wheelchair.

The West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust agreed to pay birth injury compensation to the girl on the basis of accepting fifty percent liability.

The final settlement approved by the court will see the girl receive a £1.75 million lump sum, followed by tax free, index linked annual payments, which will start at £25,000 per year until she reaches the age of thirteen, when payments will increase to £43,000 eventually rising to £90,000 when she reaches adulthood.

The payments reflect the enormous care costs involved in brain injury cases, which the girl will require for the rest of her life.

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