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Glasgow Norovirus Hotel Victims could Seek Holiday Illness Compensation

The victims of the norovirus outbreak at the Glasgow Hilton Hotel could be set to seek holiday illness compensation after their horrific ordeal.

Up to 75 people have been treated by the NHS in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area for the symptoms of norovirus. Of these, it is thought that 58 were guests at the Hilton Hotel, and 17 are staff.

If the victims can prove that the Hotel has been negligent in any way in regards to how it has dealt with the outbreak then they could be in line to claim compensation. The Outbreak Control Team for Glasgow NHS is thought to be ‘satisfied’ with the Hotels’ measures to control the virus. Norovirus is highly contagious and can spread quickly in enclosed areas such as hotels and cruise ships causing severe sickness and diarrhoea in its sufferers. The virus is spread by touching contaminated surfaces or through the air. It can also be passed by eating contaminated food.

An investigation is sure to be conducted into the outbreak at the five-star hotel to try and confirm the source of the virus. A spokesperson for Hilton reiterated the company’s intention to work closely with health authorities and provide all possible help to hotel guests and staff.

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