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Golf Greenkeeper Seeks £150k Compensation after Mowing Accident

A greenkeeper at a prestigious golf course is reported to be seeking compensation of £150,000 after being injured in an accident whilst mowing grass.

Derek Bond was working at Peterhead Golf Club when the accident happened in August 2009. The golf course is claimed to be the 18th oldest course in the world and dates back to 1841.

Deadline News reports that the incident occurred when Mr Bond was asked to cut the grass on the side of a steep slope by the 10th hole. In papers submitted to court, his legal team argue that the way he was asked to mow the grass resulted in him suffering injury.

The head greenkeeper instructed Mr Bond to hold onto the Flymo lawnmower by a rope that was attached to its handle. He was then instructed to swing the lawnmower across the steep slope using the rope.

However, the rope was not long enough to reach the bottom of the grass incline. Mr Bond descended a third of the way down the slope and continued swinging. The swinging movement however caused him to lose his balance and fall.

Mr Bond’s fall down the slope caused him to suffer an injury to his right knee.

His legal team are reported to be arguing that the way he was asked to mow the grass was inherently unsafe. They are seeking compensation of £150,000, which representatives for the golf course argue is excessive.

The case is ongoing.

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