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Government U-Turn on Planned Cuts to Crime Victim’s Compensation

The Government is reported to have made a dramatic u-turn on planned cuts to the compensation received by victims of violent crime in Britain.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme – administered by the CICA – provides compensation to innocently injured victims of crime. Plans had been made however, to limit payments to those victims who were not suffering from serious injuries.

The plans had been considered as a way of reducing the cost of the scheme, which costs £449million annually. The plans would have cut this figure by £50million, as part of deficit reduction measures.

The u-turn on the planned cuts has been welcomed by members of the Shadow Cabinet, who had suggested that the cuts would have shown the government as out of touch by putting deficit-reduction ahead of compassion for crime victims.

The decision to scrap the plans comes just a week after former Justice Secretary Ken Clarke was replaced by Chris Grayling. If the plans had gone ahead, payments for less serious injuries such as sprains and fractures would have been removed.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice confirmed that the Government is still looking for ways to reform the scheme and put it on a more sustainable financial footing.

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