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Gran Who Tripped on High Street Plans Pavement Accident Compensation Claim

A grandma, who was forced to cancel her holiday with family members after suffering a serious injury after tripping in the high street, is planning a pavement accident compensation claim.

Pauline Burgess was walking down Leatherhead High Street with her grandson on August 9th when the accident happened. She tripped on a loose and cracked paving stone and fell. After the fall she was helped to her feet by two members of the public and helped onto a bench. While they waited for an ambulance Mrs Burgess was falling in and out of consciousness, which caused her 8 year old grandson much distress. One of the helpers called Pauline’s husband, and the 68 year old came running to her help.

The Leatherhead Advertiser newspaper is reporting that Mrs Burgess was rushed to hospital after the fall, where it was discovered that she had broken her pubic bone. She was in hospital for a week, and the injury is expected to take another 6 weeks to heal. She is forced to take strong painkillers to cope with the excruciating pain.

The couple have been forced to cancel a long planned holiday with their family, and are now planning to claim compensation from the Council. They are furious at the state of Leatherhead High Street, a view that is backed by local resident’s associations.

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