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Granddad from Wigan Wins Industrial Deafness Claim

A granddad from Wigan has won an industrial deafness claim against former employers for events which happened nearly 30 years ago.

Albert Shaw has received almost £4,000 in compensation with the help of an industrial deafness claims solicitor. Mr Shaw worked for years as a plant operator for William Townson and Sons. The construction firm employed him to operate heavy plant machinery, which he did for 14 years without ear protection. He worked on the sites from 1968 to 1984, and it was only in 1982 that Mr Shaw was given ear muffs to protect his hearing.

However, the protection came too late, as the damage to his hearing had already been done. Now the 72 year old suffers from noise induced hearing loss. He first noticed there was a problem when his family kept telling him he was shouting on the phone. He notes that he is not “stone deaf” now, but needs earphones to listen to the television, and has problems picking out conversation when there are other noises around.

The claim was made possible as his legal team tracked down the now liquidated company’s former insurers. This insured they could make a claim off of them for the events which happened 28 years ago.

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