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Granddad who fell into Ditch at Stately Home wins Compensation

A man attending a guided bat walk with his grandson, in the grounds of a stately home, has been awarded £8,750 in personal injury compensation, after falling into a ditch.

John Cowan, who was sixty one years old at the time of the accident, had taken his five year old grandson Ross to the Hopetoun House, stately home, to search for bats, with a group of bat enthusiasts on an organised night time event.

However, as the pair made their way back to the car park, in the dark, Mr. Cowan fell into a ditch which was part of a historic feature known as a Ha-Ha, that was originally used to prevent grazing livestock from wandering onto lawns.

Mr. Cowan suffered a fractured right ankle in the fall and his grandson who fell with him, bit his lip.

The grandfather, who was recovering from surgery at the time of the accident, launched a claim for personal injury compensation and damages were originally agreed at £35,000, however this was dropped to £8,750 after the court ruled that due to contributory negligence, the total amount payable should be reduced by seventy five percent.

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