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Grandma Makes Compensation Claim after Mobility Scooter Accident with Truck

An elderly woman is making a compensation claim after having an accident on her mobility scooter involving a large truck.

Seventy four year old, Nancy Smith was travelling through Winchburgh on her mobility scooter when the accident happened. She’d been using a scooter to get about town after damaging her knee falling on a slippery pavement three years previously.

She reports to The Edinburgh Evening News that there was a lorry blocking the footpath and so she was forced onto the road. A different vehicle – a large cleaning vehicle owned by the council – reversed without warning and hit Nancy Smith. The truck went over the front of the scooter and hit her leg. She reports fearing she would be crushed to death, but luckily the driver stopped to see what had occurred.

The scooter was damaged irreparably in the incident and Ms Smith’s leg was badly bruised. As well as suffering from soreness, she reports from now being afflicted with panic attacks, where she wakes up in the night terrified.

She is now suing the council for her injuries and for the damage to her scooter. The council has already admitted liability for the incident and has provided Ms Smith with a temporary scooter while her claim is dealt with. A spokesperson for the council has apologised for the incident, and declared the hope that the claim would be settled as soon as possible.

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