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Grandma Receives Injury Compensation after Being Given Wrong Prescription by Supermarket Pharmacist and Told She Could Die

A Scottish grandma has received injury compensation after being given a wrong prescription by a pharmacist that could have been life threatening.

The Daily Record newspaper in Scotland is reporting that Margaret Kelly had got a friend to pick up a prescription for her from Morrisons supermarket. The prescription was for a steroid to help with a nasty chest infection, but she was mistakenly given powerful heart drugs instead. Unaware of the mistake, the 63 year old took eight tablets immediately upon receiving the drugs as her GP had advised her to do.

Shortly after this she received a phone call from Morrisons pharmacy who had noticed the mistake. They questioned whether she had already took the drugs, and after hearing that she had, advised her that she needed an ambulance ‘immediately’.

Paramedics arrived at her home 10 minutes after the phone call, and she was taken to Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow. Her heart rate dropped considerably and doctors informed her that the drug intake could prove fatal.

Fortunately, Margaret made a full recovery from the incident and received an apology from the supermarket. They also gave her compensation of £3,000. A spokesperson for the supermarket declared that all staff were highly trained and that such incidents were extremely rare.

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