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Grandmother Demands Bus Accident Injury Compensation after Being Trapped in the Doors of Bendy Bus

A grandmother from Coventry is suing National Express for bus accident injury compensation after being trapped in the doors of a bendy bus and dragged for 90ft.

Janet Lott was taking a bus trip in her home town and was sat near the rear doors of the bendy bus when they opened and she went to get off. While halfway through the doors, they shut suddenly, trapping her as the bus set off. The bus travelled 90ft as Janet was dragged down the road petrified until the driver finally noticed something was wrong. The driver apologised claiming to have ‘not seen her’ before driving off, leaving her injured and alone on a grass verge.

Mrs Lott suffered severe bruising to her knee, elbow, arm and leg and needs the help of a stick to get around since the incident. She is now convinced that the controversial bendy buses should be banned completely off of Britain’s roads. The bendy buses are already being phased out of use in London due to fears about their safety to cyclists and pedestrians. In 2007 a twenty one year old man died when he was dragged under a bendy bus for half a mile.

National Express has apologised for the incident and is launching a full investigation.

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