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Grandmother struck by pineapple seeks compensation.

Tesco shopper Mary Raimo, 76, is claiming compensation for long term injuries caused by a pineapple hitting the back of her head in the supermarket last July.

Raimo suffered her injuries after a pineapple which was stacked precariously in the reduced price fruit section struck her on the back of the head at a Tesco supermarket in Lochee, Dundee. Mary Raimo was looking at fruit produce on the second self of the section whilst another shopper was looking at the pineapples that were poorly stacked The shopper still suffers severe neck pain and headaches caused by the events of this accident and she is looking to sue the supermarket for compensation.

The supermarket chain insists that the fault lies with the other shopper looking at the pineapples, whereas Raimo says that Tesco are to claim as the fruit was not stacked properly in the Lochee supermarket which has since closed down. Raimo is now looking to sue the supermarket chain and is hoping that the process will be fruitful.

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