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Great Grandmother Attacked Twice by Jack Russell Wins Dog Bite Compensation

A great grandmother from Gloucestershire has won dog bite compensation after being attacked twice by a Jack Russell.

Eighty three year old, Maud Franklin was in hospital for over a week after being bitten by her neighbour’s dog Bubba. This week her neighbour Deborah Journeaux was convicted of failing to prevent Bubba from entering her neighbours property.

The first incident occurred when Bubba made his way under the garden fence and into Mrs Franklin’s garden. His aggression that time was quickly dispersed when the great grandmother poured a watering can over him and he fled. The neighbour was quick to apologise for the incident, taking Bubba round to her neighbour’s on a lead. Unfortunately Bubba bit Mrs Franklin on the arm during this apology and she required hospital treatment.

After this incident significant steps were taken to prevent Bubba getting into Mrs Franklin’s property, including a ‘laser fence’ which gave a small shock to Bubba if he tried to cross it. However, on November 17th Mrs Journeaux’s son left the gate open while working in the garden and Bubba escaped. Bubba bit Mrs Franklin again, this time on the calf. She suffered a large wound which required a skin graft in hospital and has been awarded £1,000 dog bite compensation for her injuries. Bubba was ordered to be put down by the magistrates but has already been given away by Mrs Journeaux, and is believed to be in the Greater Manchester area.

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