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Grimsby Fishermen Angry Over Wait for their Compensation Claim

Former trawlermen from Grimsby are showing their disgust at the Government over the length of time their compensation claim is taking. The Government set up the scheme to compensate trawlermen who lost money and livelihoods in the cod wars of the 1970s. Also know as the Iceland Cod Wars – a tabloid pun on the cold war of the time – the dispute saw confrontations between Iceland and Great Britain over the right to fish in North Atlantic waters. The cod wars eventually forced fishing quotas on boats, restricting the number of fish they were allowed to catch. This inevitably led to a loss in business and redundancies for many trawlermen. Up to £10 million pound has been put aside as compensation for these men, with claim applications being accepted from September 2009.

Only £350,000 has been given out so far and the Grimsby former trawlermen are disgusted that they have yet to see a penny of the money promised to them. David Spall a former trawlerman from Irby believes the Government is not doing enough. “Once again it seems the trawlermen have been let down,” he protested. The compensation scheme promises compensation for the hardship they faced, just when they will receive it though is another matter.

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