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Hampshire PC Starts Medical Negligence Claim for Compensation Over Leg Amputation

A Police Officer from Hampshire has launched a medical negligence claim for compensation after his leg amputation could have been prevented.

PC Wilson was on duty and answering a call for assistance when he hurt his knee back in November of last year. He was taken to Southampton General Hospital to have his injury treated.

His legal team then allege that his diagnosis was “inadequate” and complain that he had to wait 5 days for an MRI scan. The doctor examining him reportedly stated that he was “unable to give further diagnosis until he has seen the results of scans.” PC Wilson claims that he told medical staff that he was having problems with movement in his feet and that his toes were feeling very stiff. However they failed to diagnoses the artery blockage immediately.

He then developed a serious infection in the interim period. Nearly a week later, PC Wilson saw a different doctor who after expressing his concern got him an MRI scan within an hour.

Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust has expressed its sympathy to PC Wilson and his family, and is launching a review into his care.

PC Wilson admits that “It is very hard to think that the need for amputation might have been avoided.” He is launching his claim for compensation to help him adjust to his condition.

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