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Hand Trapped in Laminating Machine causes Serious Injury

A worker suffered serious injury when his hand was trapped in a laminating machine.

Steven Spencer got his left hand trapped in the machine whilst he was working for Excel Laminating Limited in January 2010. He had only been working for the Hull based company for three weeks when the incident occurred.

Mr Spencer was feeding paper into the laminating machine when his left hand became caught in the mechanism. This caused him a severe hand injury, with his little finger and ring finger described as being left hanging off the bone. His middle finger also suffered from a serious cut.

A Health and Safety Executive inspector looked into the incident and found that the machine suffered from a lack of adequate safety guarding. The guarding was described as “insufficient”, as it did not prevent access to the rollers of the machine.

The company has just been fined at Hull Magistrates’ Court in regards to the accident, after they admitted to breaking work equipment and health and safety regulations. The fine was for a sum of £2,000.

The managing director of the firm told the Hull Daily Mail that the company regrets the injury, and otherwise has an excellent track record for health and safety. The paper also reports that Mr Spencer is making a hand injury claim for compensation.

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