Head and Brain injury claims

Head and brain injury claims for compensationHead and brain injuries can be serious and life-changing injuries that affect any of us after an accident. head and brain injury claims for compensation are often necessary to provide financial support to this life-changing event. The injuries usually have a huge effect on the sufferers’ life and the lives of their families. Unfortunately, head injuries are extremely common, with 1,000,000 people visiting hospital each year, and 125,000 of those being serious enough to be admitted. Despite the protective bone in the skull, the brain can still be easily damaged. This is because it can be bruised if it collides with the skull due to a sudden impact. Such impacts can cause bleeding or cause fluid to build in the skull, which leads to pressure on the brain and possible brain damage. In cases like this, head and brain injury claims may be possible for compensation.

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There are many different types of accidents that can cause head and brain injuries. Road traffic accidents, assaults and slip and fall accidents are all common causes of this type of injury compensation. Sufferers of head and brain injuries often need prolonged specialist and occasionally expensive care and treatment. The rehabilitation process is long with often overwhelming costs involved. We understand this at Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors and can offer advice regarding all aspects of your situation and making head and brain injury claims.

Your compensation could help to pay for a speech therapist or a physiotherapist to assist in your recovery. A head and brain injury claim for compensation can go a long way to provide support through this difficult time for sufferers, giving them the comfort and time to recover fully. In cases where permanent disability is caused by a head injury, then brain injury compensation is awarded to make adaptations to living accommodation to make it suitable for the claimants needs.

Brain and head injuries can have a wide varied effect on individuals, just a few of which are listed below:

  • Cognitive difficulties
  • Memory Loss
  • Concentration Issues
  • Physical Disability

Cognitive difficulties – Brain injuries can lead to changes in someone’s ability to think, reason, and problem solve. It can also affect someone’s ability to speak and communicate.

Memory Loss – People who encounter head injury frequently encounter memory loss. This can be short or long term and can be a short lasting or permanent symptom.

Concentration Issues – Another frequent effect of brain injuries is problems with concentration. Again, this can be a temporary or permanent effect.

Physical Disability – Physical disabilities can occur from head injuries causing such effects as loss of coordination, weakness or even paralysis.

This list is by no means exhaustive as brain injuries are complex events that can have many different effects and symptoms. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain or head injury then please call for our  expert advice. We are skilled professionals who have handled many head and brain injury claim cases like yours, providing victims with compensation to help them through their condition.


Head and brain injury claims

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