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HGV driver awarded £86,000 work injury compensation

A lorry driver has been awarded £86,000 work injury compensation after he was hurt when his vehicle overturned in high winds.

TDG driver Brian Young, 54, from Chester-le-Street sustained personal injuries including a double wrist fracture, a shattered ankle and shin and face lacerations when his lorry hit a stone wall in 2008.

The 15 foot high lorry, which was loaded with plastic bottles toppled over on the way to Bells Hill near Glasgow from Consett in County Durham. After the accident, Mr Young was trapped in the lorry’s cab for some time, which initiated his personal injuries further.

The nationwide transport firm TDG awarded Mr Young the work injury compensation despite not admitting liability for the accident. However, it was revealed that eight other lorries owned by the company have had similar incidents the year prior to his own accident.

Solicitors representing Mr Young argued that the vehicle should not have been sent in the first place due to it being too light and would be a danger to the driver and other road users in bad weather conditions.

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