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High Court Victory for Ski-doo Accident Personal Injury Compensation Claim

A Mother-of-two is set to receive a million pound personal injury compensation payout after a ski-doo accident which left her severely injured. Emma Moore, a 41 year old former fitness instructor was on a family holiday at the Alpine resort of Passo Tonale in Italy when the accident happened. They had gone on a snowmobiling excursion described as a “ski-doo sensation” organised by Italian businessman Adriano Tantera. While riding downhill, Ms Moore was unable to operate the brakes or the emergency engine cut switch and careered at speed into a car in the car park at the bottom of the slope. She suffered major spinal injuries in the accident which has left her paralysed from the chest down.

Ms Moore’s legal team successfully argued at the High Court that the safety briefing given to her before using the ski-doo was entirely inadequate. Mr Tantera was ruled to be 70% responsible for the accident as he had failed to show the existence of and how to use an emergency button which cuts off the engine.

The High Court Judge stated, “The situation is therefore that Mrs Moore created the emergency but, as a consequence of the negligence on the part of Mr Tantera in failing to instruct her as to the use of the cut-off button in an emergency, she did not have the means of dealing with it in a manner that would have avoided the accident.”

The holiday company with which Ms Moore travelled – Inghams Travel – was ruled liable for the accident under an ‘excursion contract’ with Mr Tantera’s operation. The amount of personal injury compensation to be awarded is still to be decided but it is expected to be a seven figure sum.

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