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Higher compensation for injuries for assault victim after perpetrators conviction increased

A victim of criminal assault has successfully overturned his perpetrators ‘caution’ conviction, and secured higher compensation for injuries in the process.

John Guest was assaulted at his home by ‘friend of a friend’ Christopher Roy Watts in April 2008. However, after suffering multiple personal injuries to his face, his attacker was only given a formal police caution, and ordered to pay just £200 criminal injury compensation.

When Mr Guest heard of the outcome he refused to let his perpetrator get away so lightly, and decided to go on a mission to have the charges increased.

He said: “At no stage was I going to accept it. I took on the authorities; Dorset Police, Crown Prosecution Service, Director of Public Prosecutions, the Attorney General and the Justice Secretary and I won. I just hope it brings success for other people because it won’t change what happened to me.”

The attacker was re-convicted at trial and pleaded guilty to actual bodily harm. He was charged, given a six-month suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay £1000 criminal injury compensation.

As it is quite rare for police cautions to be reviewed, it is hoped that those who fall victim to serious crime may now be more likely to receive the justice they deserve.

Mr Guest has received an apology from his local force, Dorset Police, who say that new procedures have been put in place to ensure that such serious cases are not dealt with out of the courts again.

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