hip injury compensation

Hip injury compensation

A hip injury can refer to either an injury to the hip bone (part of the pelvis) or the hip joint, which connects the legs to the pelvis. The hip joint performs a critical role in the body, aiding standing, walking, balance and weight bearing. Hip injuries are usually painful and result in periods of immobility, meaning a compensation claim may be necessary. Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors can help you get the maximum amount available for your hip injury compensation claim.

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Types of hip injury

The hip joint is a ball and socket joint which is relatively flexible. This fact, coupled with the position of the hip bone, means that it often takes a great deal of force on the body to cause serious hip injury. Some of the common injuries to the hip are as follows:

  • dislocation of the hip
  • hip fracture
  • muscle/ligament tears and strains
  • hip bursitis

Hip injuries are more common in the elderly, due to the relative weakness of the bones, but can happen to people of all ages. This can mean extended periods of immobility, which can have financial implications from being unable to work. This is when a hip injury compensation claim can be invaluable.


Accidents and making a hip injury claim

Hip injuries are common in accidents that involve great force, such as car accidents. They are also common injuries after slips and trips, with the impact of falling causing fractures of the hip bone. If the accident was not your fault then it is your legal right to seek hip injury compensation. Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors have helped many clients in this situation, and got them the settlement they deserved.

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