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Hit and Run Victim Seeks Compensation for her Injuries

A mother of five who suffered life changing injuries after being mown down by a hit and run driver, is to seek compensation for her injuries.

The Coventry Telegraph is reporting that thirty one year old Leanne Earp had visited the Hayrick pub in Meadowside and had acted as a peacemaker, when two men inside the pub became involved in an altercation.

One of the men twenty four year old Lee Stubbs, from Coventry, received a wound to the head after being head butted and Ms Earp tended to his injury and helped him leave the premises.

As she chatted to Mr. Stubbs who was now sat in his car, the dispute flared up again and the man who had head butted him earlier, threw a piece of wood through his rear windscreen.

In his haste to escape the violence Mr. Stubbs accelerated away but dragged Ms Earp under the wheels, causing her serious personal injury.

Both of Ms Earp’s legs were broken in the incident and her right foot was completely shattered, her injuries were so severe that she has been told by doctors that she may never fully recover.

The Mirror is reporting that Ms Earp now intends to launch a claim for road traffic accident compensation against Mr. Stubbs and his insurers, to help support her recovery.

Mr. Stubbs was banned from driving for six years and is now serving an eighteen month prison sentence, after pleading guilty to causing grievous bodily harm.

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