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Hit and Run Victim Wins £1.1 Million Accident Compensation Payout

Billy Kane, a road worker from Tyneside, received a £1.1 million accident compensation payout after a hit and run incident that nearly cost him his life.
Mr Kane suffered severe brain damage when he was knocked over by a drunk driver who failed to stop after the incident. After a two month battle in hospital – 6 weeks of which were spent in a coma – the 55 year old battled through his injuries with the help of a ventilator to keep him alive.

Mr Kane, a construction firm worker for Aggregate Industries had been sent to County Kildare in October 2005 to work on the upgrading of road surfaces under an Irish Highway Association contract. Just days into his time in Ireland, Mr Kane was struck by a car driven by Justin Cherry while walking home from an evening with friends. Mr Cherry was later found to be over the legal alcohol limit.

Billy’s verdict on the accident compensation payout was clear. “I’m very happy with the compensation. I had 15 separate injuries and shouldn’t really be here, so I’m happy.” He added that all he wanted to do now was “get on with his life.”

The 55 year old fought against 15 critical injuries he sustained, including leg, arm and face fractures, skull lacerations and losing most of his tongue. He spent 9 months learning to walk and talk again at Tickhill Road Hospital, Doncaster. Unfortunately Mr Kane has suffered permanent damage from the accident including incidents of memory loss and developing a stutter. The size of the compensation awarded reflects the fact that Mr Kane is no longer able to work and will have the expense of paying for a part-time carer for the rest of his life.

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