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Holidaymakers make Holiday Illness Claims for Compensation after Egyptian Resort Misery

A group of tourists who visited Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt are making holiday illness claims for compensation after suffering from sickness and misery in the resort.

Up to 12 holidaymakers are making the group claim against First Choice Holidays, with whom they booked their dream vacation. They all visited Red Sea Holiday Village Resort in the popular Egyptian destination, in the summer and winter of 2008.

All the holidaymakers became ill during their stay at the resort suffering from gastro-enteritis based illnesses, where they suffered from severe cases of diarrhoea and vomiting. Several suffered from the dangerous salmonella and c. difficile.

All of the illnesses suffered are caused by extremely poor levels of hygiene and sanitation. Reports from the group allege that conditions in the resort were appalling. They include seeing flies residing on the buffet food, which in itself was not cooked or refrigerated properly. It is also claimed that glasses were unwashed and that tap water was passed off as bottled water.

In another incident guests report seeing human faeces being scooped out of the swimming pool while other guests were still swimming in it.

First Choice Holidays has accepted liability for the incident as they had a contract with the resort, and as such are responsible for their standards. Compensation awards for the group of guests are still being awarded.

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