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Horror High Street Causes 6 People to Claim Compensation for a Fall from Essex Council

A local High Street which has been ravaged by potholes and defects is at the centre of six people’s attempt to claim compensation for a fall from Essex Council.

The High Road in Loughton is notorious with local residents for the poor state of the road and pavement surfaces. Both users and residents of the road have been complaining to the Council for years about its appalling state, but are becoming increasingly frustrated by the Council’s lack of action. It is the northern end of the road which is causing so much controversy. It is reportedly full of holes, cracks and uneven sections.

It is reported by the Waltham Forest Gazette that so far numerous people have broken bones in accidents caused by the state of the surface. One example of this is Mandy Goldman. She injured both of her ankles after catching them on a ridge of excess tarmac which should not have been there. The ridge was invisible to her at the time, as she was stepping off a bus. She is one of the six people now claiming compensation from Essex Council, as her injuries have caused her to take time off work and undergo an operation.

Shop keepers in the street also complain of the flooding that takes place – caused by the uneven surface – whenever it rains. However, it was also revealed by the Gazette that the Council had not paid out any compensation to victims of accidents in the street within the last three years.

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