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Horse owner sued over road traffic injury claim

The owner of a number of horses is being sued by a driver for £3.8 million road traffic injury claim after the driver suffered bad injuries when the car collided with one of the horses.

In February 2008, David Owen of Worcester was driving his car at around 6am when he hit a horse that was loose.

David suffered multiple breaks to his neck and damaged his lower spine after the horse landed on his roof and crushed him when he collided with it.

The 62 year old Construction engineer, now suffers back, leg and neck pain, is unable to work and suffers headaches. He also needed spinal surgery in 2010.

Horse and Hound have reported that Mr Owen has started to pursue a road traffic injury claim against the horse owner, Amanda Johnson, for a sum in the region of £3.8 million, stating that Mrs Johnson failed to ensure the fencing around the paddock where the horses where kept was properly maintained and that her horses were not in a securely fenced field.

In court Mrs Johnson pleaded guilty to the offence and was fined £750 with legal costs of £60.

It was alleged that she failed to maintain the fences on her land, failed to repair them when they were damaged and failed to ensure that gates were closed and secure.

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