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Horse Rider Injured by Motorcyclist Wins Compensation Claim

A horse rider who suffered serious personal injury when she was thrown from her mount, after being involved in a collision with a motorcycle, has been given the all clear to claim personal injury compensation.

Michaela Devereux and her husband were horse riding in the New Forest when they encountered a Honda motorcycle being ridden by Peter Hayward.

Mrs. Devereux claims that as the motorcyclist approached the couple he lost control of his bike and it careered into her horse.

The Horse and Hounds magazine is reporting that the collision caused the horse to bolt and Mrs. Devereux was thrown to the ground and suffered a serious head injury, which resulted in brain damage.

Mr. Hayward denied that his motorcycle hit the horse and claims that the animal became startled as he approached causing Mrs. Devereux to fall.

A High Court judge however, agreed with Mrs. Devereux’s version of events, stating that the evidence presented pointed to a likely collision and ruled that Mr. Hayward had been travelling too fast at the time of the accident.

The courts confirmation of liability means that Mrs. Devereux will now be able to claim full compensation for her injuries.

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