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Horse Rider Paralysed in Fall Seeks Compensation

A young stable-hand, who suffered life changing injuries after falling from a retired race horse, has launched a multi-million pound claim for compensation.

Laura Coward, from Codford, near Warminster, was just seventeen years old when she broke her back after being thrown by history making race horse ‘Saucy Night’, who had made headlines before retiring, when he became the first horse to win a race with no horseshoes.

Laura who is now twenty one was working at stables owned by Horse First Racing Ltd, of Wiltshire and was taking ‘Saucy Night’ for a trail ride in the stables training arena, with a view to taking the horse on loan.

She had reportedly informed a member of staff that she hadn’t ridden a horse for some time but had been re-assured that ‘everything would be fine’, unfortunately shortly after mounting the horse it began to accelerate rapidly of its own accord and the stable-hand lost control causing her to be thrown from the saddle onto the training areas wooden fencing.

Ms Coward broke her back in the incident and severed her spinal cord; she is now confined to a wheelchair, after being paralysed from the waist down.

She has now launched a compensation claim against the stables, which was founded by Eamonn Wilmott and is home to the well known trainer Jeremy Gask; if the claim is successful the damages could possibly be worth millions of pounds.

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