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Hospital Worker Wins Work Accident Compensation for ‘Shopping Trolley’ Accident

A hospital worker has won his work accident compensation case after an incident involving a shopping trolley.

John Beresford was working as a Hospital porter at Nottingham University Hospital when the accident occurred. The 64 year old had been asked to collect and move gas canisters. Due to the weight of these canisters, he had had to use a supermarket trolley to move them. As he was completing this task, a stone lodged under the back wheel and caused the trolley to swerve into the direction of an oncoming car. While trying to steady the trolley, Mr Beresford injured his knee, leading to chronic knee problems. He later developed Deep Vein Thrombosis and is required to take medication for the rest of his life to prevent the risk of him developing a fatal blood clot.

The NHS has settled a compensation amount which in total amounts to 14 times more than they originally offered. This figure however has not been revealed but is suspected to be a large amount due to the affect the injury has had on Mr Beresford’s life. He has had to give up work, and golf, as well as suffer chronic pain. A spokesman for Nottingham University Hospitals Trust has apologised to Mr Beresford for not providing something safer than a supermarket trolley to move the canisters.

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