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Hotel Facing Work Accident Compensation Claim after Worker Cut the Branch his Ladder was Leaning Against

A hotel handyman worker has started a work accident compensation claim after falling 10 ft while pruning a tree.

Peter Aspinall suffered the fall after sawing off the branch that his ladder was secured against. He had been asked to help the resident hotel gardener to help him prune a sycamore tree. The gardener Mr Ashworth secured the ladder to the branch instead of the trunk of the tree as was required. The 64 year old broke his ankle during the fall and damaged ligaments in his foot. He spent 10 days in hospital recovering from his injuries after needing surgery.

The hotel owner Jan Hampton pleaded guilty to breaking health and safety laws at Bolton magistrate’s court on Tuesday. They were found to be negligent for failing to undertake risk assessments for employees working in the hotel gardens. Ms Hampton’s legal team argued that had she been on the premises at the time, she would have ordered the job to be done by specialist tree surgeons.

The hotel was fined £1000 for the accident and ordered to pay legal costs. The hotel in question had a good safety record before the accident and Ms Hampton ensured that measures had been put in place to ensure an accident did not happen again. Mr Aspinall has started proceedings for a work accident compensation claim.

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