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Hotel fined after employee burned in accident at work

A hotel was fined £20,000 after one if its employees was badly burnt with lit fuel in an accident at work.

Edinburgh’s City environment leader Robert Aldridge has since urged businesses to ensure training for employees is kept up to date to reduce injury threats.

An employee of the Marriott Dalmahoy Hotel and Country Club suffered burns and personal injuries when he was exposed to lit fuel in March 2008. He had moved a portable grate unaware that the fuel was lit underneath.

The ‘extremely sticky’ fuel is believed to be extremely sticky and causes severe skin burns.

The four-star hotel was fined after it was shown that the employee had not received adequate training to avoid the accident at work.

Mr Aldridge said: “This accident should remind all employers of the importance of carrying out a thorough risk assessment for work activities, which could be dangerous, to protect the safety of employees. This accident could have been prevented had a proper risk assessment taken place and a staff training regime been in place.”

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