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Hounslow Council Pays Out £850,000 in Road and Pavement Accident Claims

Figures just released have revealed that Hounslow Council has paid out a substantial £850,000 on road and pavement accident claims during the last three years. The accidents are the result of damaged pavements and roads, with people tripping and falling over them. The most common defects in this situation are potholes in the road, and raised paving slabs.

Council chiefs paid out an enormous £503,875 over the 2006/07 period in compensation for people who have been injured by ill-maintained roads and pavements. That figure lowers to £268,990 for 2007/08 and £85,650 for 2008/09.

One example case is that of Lucy Hamdane who tripped on the pavement outside her home in Hounslow. She suffered bad cuts in the incident in October 2008 and also ‘post-concussion syndrome’. This left her confused and with memory problems for two months after the accident. The stretch of pavement in question was only repaired this year, and Ms Hamdane is still battling for compensation.

In total Hounslow Council received 294 claims for compensation during the three year period. Even ignoring the fact that some of these would have been unsuccessful, the average payout to each claim is nearly £3000.

The decline in money paid out seems to suggest that the Council has got the problem of maintaining the surfaces under control, although the harsh recent winter could see figures for this year increase.

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