How long will the Compensation Claim take?

How long will the Compensation Claim take?

How long will the Compensation Claim take?One of the questions we hear most frequently at Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors is; ‘how long will the compensation claim take?’ We completely understand why people are so keen to know the answer to this. Many times people suffer financially because of an accident that is not their fault and hence have a desire to know the time it takes to recover this money. Claim through us and you can be sure that Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors are doing everything we can to settle your claim for the maximum compensation amount in the quickest time possible.

The fact is however that no one can answer the question – ‘how long will the compensation claim take’ – accurately in the early stages of a claim. This is because each case is unique and takes a unique amount of time.

What affects the time it takes to settle?

The time taken to reach a settlement can vary wildly depending on numerous factors. These are discussed below:

  • Severity of the injury
  • Acceptance of liability
  • Agreement of a settlement amount

Severity of injury – The seriousness of the injuries suffered and the length of time they take to recover can have an effect on the time it takes to settle a compensation claim. As a general guide from our experience, many claims take between 6 and 12 months to settle. This time can be longer in some claims involving serious injuries, while some minor injury cases such as whiplash can take just a few months to settle.

Acceptance of liability – It goes without saying that the readiness of the insurance of the other party involved to accept liability has an effect on settlement time. Cases where liability is in no doubt are settled quicker than cases where liability has to be proved. The more evidence there is to back up your case (e.g. photos, witnesses) the easier it is to prove liability.

Agreement of a settlement – Sometimes, even after liability is proved the insurance company will offer to settle your claim for less than your team think it is worth. This can delay how long it takes to settle a car accident or personal injury claim. The skill and experience of your legal team comes into play in speeding this debate up and getting you the true worth and maximum compensation for your claim. We make sure you have the best legal professionals in the UK working for you.

Sometimes patience is a virtue

Sometimes the time it takes to claim can work in your favour. Time is taken to fully assess you injuries to ensure that the claim is not settled for less money than it is worth. Remember, once a claim is settled there is no going back. This is why your legal team will not just accept any offer that the insurance company makes but will make sure that it is the maximum amount of compensation available to you to rebuild your life after an accident. In long drawn out claims, interim payments are often available to cover costs and expenses suffered while the claim is being settled.

You can ALWAYS be sure that Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors are being pro-active and doing everything possible to ensure your claim is settled in the quickest time possible and for the maximum amount of compensation available.

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