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Hull Man Claims £300,000 Compensation after Slipping on Ice

A North Hull man is seeking compensation of more than £300,000, after allegedly receiving negligent medical treatment, when he injured his knee and ankle following a slip on ice.

Forty six year old Steven Griffin, from Hull, in East Yorkshire, was taken to the Hull Royal Infirmary (HRI), after he slipped on ice and fractured his right foot and injured his left knee.

The Hull Daily Mail is reporting that staff at the hospital applied a below the knee cast to his right leg, which was removed three weeks later, upon removal the leg showed signs of swelling and following an ultrasound scan a blood clot was discovered.

Mr. Griffin had to be treated with a six month course of anticoagulant warfarin but later developed deep vein thrombosis and it is possible that he may require a lower limb amputation in the future.

Mr. Griffin has since launched a claim for medical negligence compensation against the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, claiming that hospital staff had been negligent by not providing him with anticoagulants, when his plaster cast was first applied and had failed to provide adequate treatment in regards to venous thromboembolism, as set out by medical guidelines.

A spokesperson from the NHS Trust told the newspaper that as the legal process was ongoing, it would not be appropriate to comment.

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