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Hundreds of Disgruntled Families Set for Holiday Illness Compensation

Hundreds of families are set for holiday illness compensation after suffering stomach bugs and viruses while on holiday. A writ issued at London’s High Court has just been made available to the public.

The holidaymakers had all been staying at the Holiday Village Hotel in Sarigerme, Turkey, and had booked their holiday through First Choice. On their return, they complained to the firm reporting cases of severe stomach upsets and food poisoning. These included cases of gastro-enteritis, salmonella and c dificile.

The hotel is alleged to have had extremely poor food hygiene standards and continued to allow their guests to swim in a pool that was known to be contaminated by human faeces. It is claimed that standards were so low that raw and cooked meats were handled without staff washing hands in between, and that buffet food was left uncovered and infested with flies. The water supply to the hotel was also thought to be contaminated.

First Choice has admitted liability for the standards at the hotel. It admitted failing to check hygiene standards thoroughly, and failing to inform guests of previous outbreaks of illness at the resort to give them a chance of switching holidays or getting a refund.

All of the claims relate to stays between April and October 2008. After admitting liability, First Choice is currently in talks to try and determine an adequate amount of holiday illness compensation.

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