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Hundreds of Medical Negligence Claims Started Against Scandal Hit Staffordshire Hospital

Hundreds of angry and distraught patients of the Staffordshire Hospital rocked by allegations of inadequate care are launching medical negligence claims against the NHS trust. It is thought up to 200 claims could be made from patients and relatives of patients who have suffered.

Nearly a year ago, the Healthcare Commission released a report into the Hospital which revealed multiple failings in basic care there. A later inquiry revealed that over 900 patients and their families felt routinely ignored and forgotten about by Hospital staff. This has led to the rise in compensation claims, with all being pursued for either clinical negligence or a breach of basic human rights.

Health campaigner and founder of the organisation ‘Cure the NHS’, has stated her views on the situation. She stated that; “I am not in the least surprised at the amount of people who could put in claims. It just shows the extremity of the harm they were doing over the years.”

Unfortunately, the poor standard of care at the hospital has allegedly led to some unnecessary fatalities. One of these is the case of May Ellis. She was given food she was intolerant to and sadly passed away from bacterial peritonitis after suffering from the infection C. Difficile. Although her family report numerous errors in her care, they have yet to decide on whether to make a claim for compensation.

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