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Ian Huntley Attempts to Claim £20,000 in Criminal Injury Compensation

Ian Huntley is attempting to claim £20,000 in criminal injury compensation after being attacked in prison. The convicted paedophile and child killer was found covered in blood on Sunday. He had allegedly been grabbed from behind and received a slash to the throat from an improvised weapon made by forging a razor blade between two plastic canteen knives. He was rushed to hospital but returned to prison yesterday where he is still receiving treatment in the medical wing.

The fact that Huntley is suing the prison for negligence of care and could receive £20,000 compensation will come as a shock to many people. The parents of the two 10 year old girls he murdered – Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman – only received £11,000 in compensation each after the 2002 murders. Their compensation was recovered from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority who compensates victims of crime. Incredibly, the death of a child is deemed to have less financial impact then an injury to an adult, and therefore the compensation is less.

Huntley is thought to be in line for at least £10,000 in criminal injury compensation, but if his injuries are serious enough, this figure could easily double. This entitlement to compensation has brought criticism from people around the country, including Mark Wallace from the Tax Payers’ Alliance. He said; “It’s absurd that he’s going to get a penny from the taxpayer.”

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