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Ice Cream Company Fined after Worker Breaks Arm

An ice cream company has been fined after a worker on its production line broke their arm in a factory accident.

Sam Goodall was at work at R&R Ice Cream Ltd in Leeming Bar when the accident happened in August last year. He was working on the conveyor belt of the production line when some lids became trapped. He put his hand through a gap in the side of the conveyor belt to try and retrieve these lids.

As he was doing this, his glove became entangled in the machinery, and his arm was pulled into the belt. His wrist was dislocated, and he broke two bones in his right forearm. The injury meant he was unable to work for six weeks.

Yesterday, the company went before Magistrates in Northallerton and admitted to breaking work equipment regulations and health and safety regulations in regards the accident. This was because they had removed a part of the production line that left the gap in which Mr Goodall’s hand was caught.

A HSE inspector stated that the company failed to assess the risk to workers from the change that they made to the line, and failed to ensure that dangerous moving parts of the machine were not accessible.

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