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Injured Motorcyclist Claims £300,000 Compensation from Car Driver

A female motorcyclist seriously injured in a road traffic accident is claiming damages from the driver who collided with her.

Thirty year old Nerys Pearce, from Cowbridge, in South Glamorgan, claims that motorist Sharen Miles, of Uxbridge Road, in Feltham was negligent by pulling out into the road when it was not safe to do so.

The Hounslow Chronicle is reporting that Miss Miles was attempting to turn right through busy traffic when she was in collision with a Kawasaki motorcycle being ridden by Miss Pearce.

The motorcyclist suffered a whiplash injury and damage to her right arm and left leg in the accident but has since developed ‘complex regional pain syndrome’, a condition which causes intense pain and swelling to both of her legs and has left her confined to a wheelchair.

Miss Pearce has now launched a claim for motorcycle accident compensation against Miss Miles and is believed to be seeking £300,000 in damages, according to a writ issued to the High Court in London.

Miss Miles has since admitted liability for the incident and the car driver has agreed to pay seventy five percent of the damages awarded by the court, however the two parties cannot agree on the amount of compensation which should be paid.

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